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Choosing Viable Interpreters Service in Dubai

From corporates to government bodies, interpreters services are a routine requirement in Dubai. Generally, the UAE and, more specifically, the emirate of Dubai has become a global village, where multilingualism is quite common and sometimes expected as well.

With exaggerated claims and modern websites, every other interpreters services in Dubai would claim to be the best. While charging the rates of top services, these so-called companies are not only compromising on the quality of work but are also bringing a bad name to genuine service providers with each compromised task.

The city is booming with events, population increase and business growth; hence translations and interpreters are always going to be around and used. We explore some of the very basic characteristics to watch out for before engaging interpreters’ services, so that value for money is achieved.

Credentials of interpreters services in Dubai

It is often the case that companies produce insignificant or indirect interpretation work for these bigger names but end up mentioning them as their regular clients. Even sometimes, it is seen that employees get some personal tasks completed by some interpreters services in Dubai. However, their employers are mentioned as clients of these interpreters’ services. And we have seen that indirectly completed small interpretation tasks for government bodies are mentioned as if the entire ministry is engaged with the company as a client.

To verify, it is always worthwhile to ask for exact details of the referees or the tasks completed in case of big industry names mentioned as clients of interpreters services in Dubai. We stand witness that details shared are sometimes not as expected of the interpretation service provider and in most cases, referees themselves are not available to provide testimonials. Don’t just trust the names mentioned as clients; it is your right to ask for details, always use it.

It is very common for companies to mention their clientage in their marketing collateral. There is nothing wrong with strutting the stuff produced for bigger names so as to gain credibility and new business. But looking at the list of references, the fact which is more important to note before trusting what is mentioned is the referees themselves.

Language and soft skills

A great grip on the vocabulary of the language companies interpret for is the most basic need of a translation services provider. It is then further clubbed with exceptional written and verbal skills to make a good interpreter. For clients as well as the interpreters, consulting dictionaries or encyclopedias in real-time is not an option.

One should have someone interpreting who is able to easily translate idioms, metaphors and nuances, just as a native speaker. Then comes the listening skills; being a linguist or an experienced multilingual writer does not entail that a person will also be a compassionate listener. Interpreters are trained to maintain a balanced persona on the job.

For a client, this means that he is getting the information in a structured and calm manner. Interpretations can become quite intimidating for non-native clients, and if performed in a hushed manner, these become unbearable at times. Good interpreter services deploy interpreters according to the needs of the clients and not according to their own ease.

Strong interpreters not only focus on language and translations but also have soft skills to connect with a wide range of people. With their interpersonal skills, experienced interpreters learn to become empathic listeners over time which makes them a strong preference by clients.

Cultural connections

Clients do not need literary translations by their interpreters. Established and known interpreter services in Dubai recognize this basic very clearly. Providing strong interpreters with great soft skills and linguistic ability but without any cultural competence will produce inappropriate results.

Culture is connected with languages really closely and requires attention in any form of translation. For instance, nuances and non-verbal cues are culture-specific and embedded in the language spoken in a particular geographical location.

Similarly, some idioms and customs cannot be taken as it is in another language as this might not be culturally appropriate and acceptable to a non-native speaker of another language. Addressing cultural norms during interpretation tasks is a skill that a client prefers and only good interpretation services in Dubai will be able to keep this in consideration in their task delivery.

Language and industry-specific skills

Most interpreters’ services hold skills in only a few of the languages of the world or the prevalent industries. It is important to note that if the interpreters services have the specialized knowledge required to seamlessly deliver the interpretation task. Having a team of multilingual personnel does not mean that they will be able to communicate technical terms used in original language into another without difficulty.

Viable Interpreters Service in Dubai

For instance, medical lingo is entirely different than what is being used in an engineering correspondence. This is especially significant at events or meetings, wherein timely and accurate delivery is of utmost importance to reach decisions get more.

No one would want to experience the time lags asked by an interpreter to understand and then communicate what is being mentioned in a conversation. Similarly, when interpreters do not translate the technical terms and convey them as it is, the client is left with no other choice but to delay the decisions or ask for more time.


Registration with the Ministry of Justice in UAE is mostly considered a recognized accreditation for translation services, and in the case of legal translators, it is a mandatory requirement. Having accreditations means that an interpreter’s service has completed the obligations and holds the credentials to fulfill clients’ needs.

There are professional ethics to abide by and quality standards to meet, and accreditation provides that assurance that an interpreter’s service will be able to stick to these for each interpretation task. Professional skills and experience are the basic requirements for getting registrations. For a client, this means that the assigned employees of interpreters service providers will be making fewer mistakes and offer high-quality services on the job.

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